About the Transrockies Run

This August, 350 RUN6 team and solo runners and 100 RUN3 solo runners will take on the Colorado Rockies for a trail running experience like no other. During the six days of the TransRockies Run, runners from all over the world will run, eat and live together as they cover 120 miles of spectacular scenery, fully supported by a dedicated and professional Event Team who will look after all aspects of their food, accommodations and on-course support.

Based upon the wildly successful TransAlpine-Run in Europe and the TransRockies mountain bike race, the TransRockies Run is run on a multi-day point-to-point format which allows athletes to access and traverse wild and fantastic scenery, while building camaraderie, overcoming adversity and sharing a singular adventure.

The TransRockies Run course runs from Buena Vista to Beaver Creek, through the heart of the White River and San Isabel National Forests. The course includes a mix of singletrack and forest road with nearly 20,000 feet of elevation gain, reaching altitudes of over 12,500 ft.

Racers are fed and housed in a tent city, and treated to hot showers and other amenities every night, and are supported throughout each stage with feed and aid stations along with a fully-equipped and mobile medical team.

Each morning, the racers will leave the race village en masse and tackle the day’s course before arriving at the finish where the Event Team has moved in and rebuilt the village from the night before. With gear bags, tents, showers and food waiting, the racers can spend the rest of the afternoon and evening trading stories, healing wounds and recovering in preparation for the next day’s run.

While many participants come to endurance trail running stage events with the simple goal of getting to the finish line, there will be fierce competition at the front of the pack in five different team categories: Open Men, Open Women, Open Mixed, Men 80+,  Women 80+, Mixed 80+, and 100+ mixed gender. The 80+ categories consist of teams whose participants’ ages combine to 80 years or more.

Regardless of category or experience, participants of the TransRockies Run will cross the line with a deep sense of accomplishment, a lifetime’s worth of stories and memories, and a group of new trail running friends in adventure.

Five reasons to run the TransRockies Run:

  1. To create a similar experience on your own would be a monster of logistics and calling in favors from family and friends. For a low entry fee you get the ability to enjoy the journey and the destinations while we look after the details.
  2. If you’ve ever been impressed by watching nature films about great migrations, wait until you get swept up in the emotion and energy of being part of one. The vibe is something like your local 10k race, except that it lasts for a whole week.
  3. And unlike a 10k road race where you might get brief glimpses of great sights, during the TransRockies Run you’ll literally be motivated by what awaits around every turn. In fact, in some cases, this event might be the only time you venture into these incredible areas.
  4. You’ll finally have a great excuse to pick up some great new gear you’ve always wanted to try out.
  5. And perhaps the best reason of all is the experience of crossing the finish line and celebrating the experience with 500 of your newest trail running friends.