2014 Trail Trends

By Tessa Dubois, Verde PR

Running gear and apparel are constantly evolving—from barefoot running to Maximum HOKAs, from running caps to trucker hats. Whatever the hot new trend is, runners will catch on and sport it. From its eight years of production, the TransRockies Run has definitely seen it all and this year was no different. Here are the running trends as seen from the 2014 PepsiCo TransRockies Run!

Minimalist is so 2013

Hello HOKAs! The barefoot running stage has greatly diminished opening the new trend of maximum cushioning. With minimalist shoes shifting back, runners are now purchasing trail shoes that still bring the lightweight feel, yet with more protection and cushioning. HOKA was the first to develop this type of shoe back in 2010 and since then it’s been rapidly catching interest, especially in the world of trail running. There’s no step too large for a Hoka to plow down.

Trucker Hats

While technical fabric, sweat-wicking running caps produced by companies such as HeadSweats are still prevalent, 2014 saw the emergence of the flat brim trucker hat. Trucker hats have been around for a while but recently catching on in the trail running community. It’s a functional hat one can sport on, and off, the trail.


The sock market has taken a whole new turn with the demand for high performance socks and compression socks. Brands like Balega offer up technical fabrics that fit like a second skin.  Compression socks are meant to increase blood flow and speed up muscle recovery. And it’s a bonus they come in fun colors and designs.


The brand brings iconic trail runners to of Kilian Jornet and Anna Frost—two top mountain runners. The aggressive trend confidently grips rocks making this the shoe for mountain climbing and quick descending. Slip on a pair and you might be inspired to fly down peaks like Kilian.

Fun, Feminine Colors and Prints

Flaunt your uniqueness and stand out on the trail with bright colors and prints. Move over plain solid colors, pink is coming though! But don’t let the girly colors confuse you, as these women are far from girly when you see them aggressively charge up mountains, run through streams and show no hesitation to get muddy. Companies are now expanding their apparel line to fit both function and fashion when on the course.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

In the past, runners strictly relied on aid stations to stay hydrated.  These days, hydration gear abounds. Brands like Nathan have begun to increase the market, making specific packs for different activities (i.e. running, hiking) and accounting for the differences in builds between men and women. From bottles, waist belts, race vests to bladder packs, numerous styles exist to meet the needs of any runner.

Funky and Unexpected

Just like in everyday life, you are encouraged to show off your personal style when you’re on the run. In races—especially team races like the TransRockies Run—runners are sporting some fun fashion to add to their experience. Bandanas, tutus, Hawaiian skirts, samurai customs, ribbons, you name it. It’s not all about competition, but more having fun and looking back on some funny pictures.

Hoo Rags

The popularity of a bandana meets both fashion and functionality. See them as a stylish headband, neck warmer and sweatband in one. Both men and women are rocking the Hoo Rag as a practical and a must-have piece of gear.

Hipster Shades

The sporty, narrow framed, $120 pair of running shades have been replaced. Today runners are rocking the squared frame with multi-colored lens sunglasses. These don’t look like your traditional running shades but top companies like Rudy Project are jumping on this trend producing high-quality hipster running shades.





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