Colorado’s Wildfires, TRR, and YOU!

By Wendy Newman  – GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run Partnerships and Outreach Coordinator (and Certified Wildland Firefighter)

Concerns about Colorado’s unprecedented fire season are spreading like, well, wildfire.  It’s been a ferocious fire season across the western U.S. and many people, wildlife, homes, and lands have been severely impacted.

Wildfires are serious but there are a few considerations TRR would like to remind you:
1)     We’re well-prepared.  We’ve taken special precautions to ensure participants will have an incredible and safe experience this year, and always.  We’ve planned ahead for just about anything, including wildfires!  We have alternate routes, back-up stages, and flexibility to ensure that no matter what Mother Nature throws at us, we’re ready.

2)     We’re working very closely with the U.S. Forest Service to monitor any potential impacts to our event and always consider the safety of our participants and the well-being of our natural resources first in our decision-making.

3)     We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the upcoming monsoon season is very wet (not just humid), which will provide relief from not only the heat, it will likely dampen any current fires and help quell new ones.

4)     TRR is six weeks away (but you’ve been counting down the days, so you knew that already).  Current conditions are just that – they’re current; they’re not necessarily representative of the weather and forest health patterns we’ll experience in August.

5)     Also, while it can be incredibly destructive, fire is also an integral part of the natural cycle of this incredible alpine ecosystem.  It’s an inherent part of regeneration and a process we must understand as residents and visitors of the West.
To find reliable information, including maps, for any wildfire in Colorado or across the U.S., visit:

For specific details on the Treasure Fire north of Leadville, check out Lake County Office of Emergency Management’s Facebook page:

For air quality conditions across Colorado, go to:


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