Love Affair at the GORE-TEX™ TransRockies™ Run

By Brooke Summers

Running is an individual sport, right? That sure isn’t the case here in the Colorado Rockies during the second annual TransRockies Run. The design of this adventure race is intended to promote runner camaraderie, but this year’s event has spawned a true love affair among competitors and volunteers.

At the end first day’s leg, GORE-TEX™ runner Janie Goldsworthy was met with a romantic surprise as she crossed the finish line of stage one. Her boyfriend of two years, Eric Bohn, had discretely traveled to Buena Vista, Colorado as a TransRockies™ volunteer so he could offer Janie an astonishing proposal. The setting was perfect: Rocky Mountain bluebird skies, mild afternoon temperatures, and smiles all around as the first stage came to a successful conclusion. As Janie crossed the finish line, she was shocked to see Eric there, and the two fell into a joyous bout of hugging and sweaty kisses.

He then led her down to the shore of the serene Arkansas River and asked for her hand in marriage. The answer…Yes! Cameras flashed and video was rolling as the two smiled ear to ear. With support from her new finance, Janie just may take the next five stages by storm.

Eric and Janie are not the only lovebirds at this year’s run. Ryan Flock and Amy Baker of San Diego will be making their wedding vows after they cross the final finish line on Saturday, August 30th. After six days and nights of running and resting together, the two will have experienced quite a prelude to life happily ever after.

The GORE-TEX™ TransRockies™ Run is also offering couples an opportunity to strengthen their bonds. Rumon and Aviva Carter will be celebrating their third anniversary during this event. Rumon is an experienced running, biking, and Ironman competitor, while this event is only his wife’s fourth running race. Aviva admits that her husband’s support and encouragement has made their TransRockies dream a possible one.

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