Say Cheese!

Say Cheese                      
By Kelly Blake

It’s the images that last a life time. They capture the good, the bad and the sweaty. The memories of the GORE TEX® TransRockies Run documented forever. They bike up the grueling trails just to get the perfect shot. Who are these trail striding photographers?

Kelvin Trautman, 29 and the youngest of the three photographers this year hails from Durban, South Africa. At age 12, Trautman started playing with photography as a hobby. When a one year sailing trip turned into four years at sea, he bought a camera and started to document his travels. Three years ago he received his first professional assignment, a running race on the highest peak in South Africa. There was no transportation and no budget so he ran it and worked for free. This week Kelvin is shooting his first running race in the states. He says that his style of photography is “participatory.” He emerges himself in the events he shoots and feels that this translates into his images, ones that are more relatable. Chris Hunter, stated “Kelvin has an incredible eye for composition and art. He captures little moments in a unique manner.” To learn more about Kelvin and his photos

Chris Hunter, 31 is originally from New York but resides in Moab, Utah. At age 17 Hunter was hitchhiking in California and decided to buy a camera. At 18 years of age he decided to become a skydiving photographer, more out of passion for the sport and documenting it. Hunter then attended a climbing photography clinic where he landed his first assignment, a piece for Trail Runner Magazine. Chris says that he is more comfortable in the air then on the ground and is a passionate base jumper photographer. Hunter’s photography style is capturing images that are “real and in the moment”. Photographer Klaus Fengler said, “Chris’ images show great emotion. His shots make you want to do what is happening in the photo.” To learn more about Chris and his photos visit

Klaus Fengler, 49, from Germany has been a professional photographer for ten years. Prior to photography he was a mechanical engineer. His passion for taking photos started at age seventeen but manifested into a career later in life when he combined it with his passion for climbing and expeditions. Klaus only shoots four races a year and the GORE TEX® TransRockies Run is fortunate to make the cut. Klaus says his photography philosophy is for one image to tell a story. Kelvin Trautman said “Klaus’ photos are so precise, they don’t need any editing or photo shop.” To learn more about Klaus and his photos visit

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