SOS Outreach and the GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run

GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run is committed to sustainability and Leave No Trace Ethics  as well as partnering with non-profit organizations who connect youth to outdoor activities that foster stewardship of our public lands. With all that being said, SOS Outreach was chosen as the perfect match to offer a beginner trail running program for middle-school aged kids in the heart of the rocky mountains!
What is SOS Outreach
  • One of the largest outdoor sports related non-profits in North America.
  • Founded in 1993 in Colorado’s Vail Valley to serve underprivileged youth.
  • Mission: To inspire youth to make positive decisions for successful lives.
  • Core Values: Courage, Discipline, Integrity, Wisdom and Compassion
Youth Trail Running Program-Highlights (so far):
  • 5 youth have participated in 1 day of volunteer work for the Vail 1/2 Marathon + 4 local trail runs (one section was on Day 4 of the GTTRR!).
  • Each morning before the trail run, 20-30 minutes of nutrition education was provided to gain knowledge about making earth friendly food choices, fueling for sports and life skills to stay healthy.
  • One day, the kids were provided with empty baggies to see how much trash they could collect on their run and correlated with the SOS core value of Integrity.
  • August 19th, Sunday these 5 kids will run Stage 6 of the TransRockies run from Aid-Station 3 to the finish line! If you see them out there with you, give them a little cheer!
  • Stay tuned!

This partnership between GTTRR and the SOS Outreach trail running program would not be possible without the late Wendy Newman who spearheaded this project and rallied all of us to get excited about getting kids outdoors!

Information provided by Katie Mazzia, Registered Dietitian.
For more information about SOS, visit their website:

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