Get Psyched! TransRockies Training Starts Soon!

With only 23 weeks left until the TransRockies Run two-time champ Mike Smith is excited for you to begin your training.

Get psyched: Do you know how much fun this is going to be?

Do it right: The challenge is before you: preparing yourself for either TransRockies 3 day or 6 day stage race through the Colorado Rockies this August. The absolute best thing you can do is start thinking about your preparation now, an unrushed training plan is the safest way to progress forward and stay injury free while allowing your body to adapt to your training.

Don’t expect perfection: No matter how good a training plan looks on paper, executing it will not be perfect. There will be tough days, unplanned for interruptions, or times when life gets busy at just the wrong time. This is every TransRockies participant’s reality. Look at a training plan as a best case scenario and know even before your first step that all you can control is your best effort, do not waste a moment of worry on wondering if everything will go as planned: it won’t.

Open your mind: TransRockies is an unconventional race, so the training for it is unconventional too. We’re going to bend some rules and break some laws. Our training is designed specifically for this event: the course, the mileage, the terrain. There will be times when you have to trust the training.

Enjoy the journey: The training to get to TransRockies can be just as fun as TransRockies (and if you haven’t yet been, TransRockies is FUN).  Before your first step look what you’ve already done: you’ve signed up. You’ve committed to exploring your limits. You chose to listen to the voice that said “I think I can do this” instead of the one that said “you’re nuts for trying this.” Now you have a spring and summer ahead of you of exploring new trails, watching your body progress, seeing the goal get closer, realizing it all is possible. You’re going to pull into Buena Vista with a smile on your face knowing that you prepared for what’s ahead, and then TransRockies becomes a week of celebrating all your hard work.

Get your TransRockies Training Plan today and learn some of two-time champ Mike Smith’s tricks of the trade! Sign up by March 10th to start your 22-week schedule on time or by April 6th for an 18-week schedule.


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