McMillan Tip of the Week!

Runner, exercise scientist and coach, Greg McMillan of McMillan Running knows what it takes to reach the top of one’s game! As official coaching of the 2010 GORE-TEX TransRockies Run, Greg and his team have been kind enough to share valuable training tips to help GTTRR participants get the most out of their experience. Every Monday from now until race time Greg willspoil us with some words of wisdom in the ‘McMillan tip of the Week’!

For the third instalment of the ‘McMillan Tip of the Week’ see below!

“Practice the three race-day rituals; pre-race, during-race and post-race.  How are you going to approach each morning of this six-day stage race?  How will you handle yourself during a 24-mile stage?  What will you do when you finish?  Know what you can do to make your race experience familiar and obstacle-free.”

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