One Epic just isn't enough for some people . . . Three Brave Souls Plan a 2010 TR Double

For most of our participants, one stage race in a summer is all the epic they could possibly want to take on, but this year, three of the TransRockies family are looking to double their epic fun by attempting to complete both the TransRockies bike race and the GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run in the same year. In doing so, they are attempting to become the first people to complete the TR double.

We thought we would check in with them to see how their training is going and what the motivation was to take two epics in three weeks. Probably the person with the longest TR history taking on the double is Keith Brodsky who, as the local Rocky Mountain Bicycles rep has been in attendance working and fixing bikes at the last several editions of the bike event. His wife took on the run in the first year and after cheering her on, he decided to train and come to the start line and compete in the run. With that under his belt and the TR bike finishing back in his hometown of Canmore, Alberta this summer, it seemed like the time to try both. When we asked him what the motivation was in signing up for both, he said “I’ve now got to a fitness level that I feel the ride is achievable . . . and WANT to do it after being involved for so long. The run? Because it was SO MUCH FUN! Both . . . cause if I’m going to train to do the ride, and still see my wife this summer, I’ll need to run too . . . so training for both is the answer!”

Another Canmore resident taking on the double is Magi Scallion who won last year’s TR Bike Women’s category racing with her sister Kate. When asked what motivated her to sign up for the double this year, she said it was all about the partners: “I am stoked to do the double this year with two great partners. My sister and I did the bike last year and it was simply amazing. I don’t consider myself much of a cyclist but I wanted to do it with my sister and she loves biking. It was amazing and, I think, brought us closer as sisters. Of course when I heard about the route change this year – the news that the bike is finishing in my town – I could not say no!!”

“After I committed to the bike I heard that my good friend, Amy, was looking for a run partner. Running is one of “my” sports so I was most excited for that challenge!! I really hope to be a top finisher in both events–my partners are both excellent so I think there’s a real chance.”

“Worst case scenario–I get to have two weeks of run and bike vacation in the most beautiful country on Earth!! There is nothing like the fresh mountain air and playing in the great outdoors!!”

The third athlete committed to the double is Will Kelsay, a pro Xterra Triathlete from Team Timex. He can probably take some of the credit for starting this crazy idea as it was high on his agenda while he was competing in the 2009 GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run. When we asked him how training was going, he told us: “Training is going great! Oh… you mean for the TR2? Well… if they add a swim into it somehow then my training is going fantastic!I” Seems that he’s spending the Spring focused on improving his swim which has been the weakest part of his triathlons in the past. He’s not losing any fitness as his pool mileage has reach 30km per week! He promises to start hitting the bike and run training harder as summer approaches so that he’s ready to rock in August.

We’re wishing all three of our double TR participants good luck and training and would love to hear from anyone out there who is setting themselves extra epic goals for 2010.

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