Past TransRockies Run Champ hospitalized after setting 100K course record.

2007 and 2008 GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run Champion Erik Skaggs was recently hospitalized in Medford, OR. Erik ran and won the Where’s Waldo 100 Kilometer Ultramarathon a week ago Saturday in record time but began having medical difficulties later that day. After being treated with IVs in the emergency room earlier in the week, he was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday suffering from nausea and pain. His kidney function has not improved since the race.

Erik was released from the hospital Tuesday morning. His kidneys have regained some semblance of function. Erik is up and walking, but still very fatigued. He still has a lot of water weight gain and his blood enzyme levels are still far from normal. He will be reporting back to the hospital for daily blood tests. His life is still far from normal. He says he’s looking forward to a fitful night’s sleep after having been poked and prodded for the last seven days straight at regular four hour intervals.

Many friends throughout the ultrarunning community have already asked how they can help. One of Erik’s biggest concerns is the mounting medical bill. Erik does not have health insurance. He may be eligible for some assistance through his membership with USA Track and Field, but will no doubt require monies for the deductible and for the expected costs well above the coverage. An Ashland runner and friend of Erik’s has opened a bank account at Umpqua Bank in Ashland, Oregon to receive donations that will be used to help defray these medical expenses. You can contribute by sending a check to Umpqua Bank, 250 N. Pioneer Street, Ashland, OR 97520 made out to the “Erik Skaggs Medical Fund.” Any assistance that you could provide would be much appreciated by Erik. Please note that the Fund name should be on the outside of the envelope.

Updates on Erik’s medical condition will be posted to the blog at Rogue Valley Runners’ website, at, as it becomes available.

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