PEET Dryer returns to GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run as official supplier of shoe dryers.

PEET DryerTransRockies US LP is proud to announce that PEET Dryer will return in 2009 as the official supplier of Shoe Dryers in the “PEET Shoe Drying Tent” at the GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run.

PEET Dryer chose the TransRockies Run as an ideal platform to showcase the benefits of having dry footwear for running performance and comfort. “Running with dry feet means that you are running in comfort,” said Andy Kennelly, Vice President of PEET Dryer. “An event like the TransRockies Run exposes runners to a wide variety of conditions, including multiple stream crossings and occasionally wet weather. We’re happy to help them start each stage with dry shoes!”

“Our runners asked us for a way to dry their shoes after the wet stages in 2007,” said Event Director, Aaron McConnell. “When we saw the PEET Dryers, we could see a natural fit with the event.” When TransRockies went looking for a shoe drying solution, PEET was the natural choice, being the market leader in Shoe Dryers. PEET’s shoe dryers fit well with the event’s title sponsor, GORE-TEX®, which is also interested in the role of moisture in trail running performance and comfort through the use of their fabrics in the world’s best trail-running shoes.

The PEET Shoe Drying Tent will be set up at the athlete camps following each stage of the 2009 GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run. The tent will be equipped with multiple shoe dryers which can each dry 2 pairs of wet shoes in 60-90 minutes.

PEET Dryer was founded in 1968 in St. Maries, Idaho, where inventor and sportsman Gene Peet developed the very first footwear dryer. He did it because he simply got fed up with waking up to soggy boots — and the discomfort that put his feet through. After making a bunch of his dryers to satisfy pleading friends and relatives, Gene decided that his invention was worth starting a business, to share his enjoyment of “PEET® Dry” comfort with everyone. For more information visit

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