Question of the Month – Course Markings

TRR08 Course MarkingsI don’t have any orienteering experience, will I get lost?
Meredith, North Vancouver, BC

Good question. A large number of our runners don’t have an orienteering experience and we haven’t lost one yet!

We pride ourselves on our course marking and we have advance crews who fore-run the course in advance of all our runners to make sure that all appropriate course markings are still in place. We provide detailed maps as a backup for the marking but most people get through the entire race without ever looking at the map. It does make a nice souvenir, though.

We tell our participants to use the “Five Minute Rule” when they are looking for course markings. If you don’t see an arrow, marking tape or other competitors while you’re running for a period of five minutes, you may off course. In the highly unlikely event that you miss a turn, it’s much better to figure this out quickly and backtrack a short way than to keep proceeding and have to backtrack further.

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