The GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run Introduces Run3

RUN3 LogoThe GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run – traditionally open only to teams of two for the entire six-day duration of the event – today announces the inception of RUN3, a race-within-a-race for solo runners.

The individuals in RUN3 will run only the first three stages of the race, starting in Buena Vista, Colorado and ending in Camp Hale, covering the first three stages of 21, 14 and 24 miles for a total distance of 59 miles.

In only its fourth year, the GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run has become a leader in the growing field of multi-day stage races, and by adding RUN3; the event becomes more accessible and attractive to a wider range of participants.

The RUN3 will offer Open Men’s and Open Women’s divisions. Registration opens initially for TransRockies Alumni only from February 23rd to March 8. After this exclusive period, RUN3 will open to the public.

Aaron McConnell, Race Director, said, “Some of the most consistent feedback that we’ve heard was that people would love to do the event, but that it is either too hard to find a compatible teammate, or it simply doesn’t fit into their busy lives. With RUN3, we take care of both barriers to entry and open the race to a much larger audience.”

In 2009, the field for the TransRockies grew from 130 to 260 after the inaugural field of 112 in 2007. But McConnell believes that the expanded race field will be easily accommodated, “We have filled our race fields according to a pretty strict set of permit restrictions, and each year have sold out just about exactly what we needed.”

McConnell continued, “We’re expecting roughly 400 entries this year, and the advent of RUN3 certainly will make it easier to reach that goal, especially given the increased interest that multi-day runs are getting.”

So, in 2010, the choice is yours: run six days as a team or 3 days solo. And, if you are hoping to run the team event but haven’t yet found the right teammate, register for RUN3, and we’ll guarantee you the option to upgrade to the full 6-day entry when you do find the right partner.

We expect strong demand for RUN3 entries, but there’s only 50 spots available for RUN3 until March 23, at which time the field will be expanded to 100 spots, pending availability in the overall event field limit. Early bird pricing is in effect through March 22. Secure your spot in this exciting event by registering today!

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