The Insider #1

By Colleen Cooke

 It’s the day before the start of the GORE-TEX TransRockies Run 2008 and would you believe this is my SECOND time running this AWESOME event?  Obviously I was so impressed with last year’s event that I simply HAD to come back again!  Before I continue, I feel I should introduce myself… I’m the girl running in the blue jacket above.  Don’t recognize my torso?  Well, hopefully through the next week you will enjoy reading my first hand account from the trails of Colorado while I join the other teams of runners for the SECOND running of The GORE-TEX Trans Rockies Run.

Though my family thinks I’m a bit nuts, I’m used to that by now, but here is how I describe my feelings about TransRockies…

You know that feeling when you’re first falling in love and that pitter-patter you get in your heart when you think about them or see them?  That overwhelming WARMTH that fills your heart and makes you feel all giddy like your heart is going to explode?  THAT’S how my body responds when I think about Trans Rockies.  Not kidding, anytime in the past few weeks if I was feeling stressed about ANYTHING I would just think “trans rockies” and this warm feeling of “ahhh” would come over me and all would be right with the world again.   Guess I have found “my love.” 

Unfortunately, my total rock star running partner from last year was unable to join me this round — he claims he had to “work” or something.  But I won’t be alone as I have 150 new friends to meet on the trails this year.  From Buena Vista to Beaver Creek, Colorado I will have plenty of time to grow my “family” — as that’s what TransRockies is – a Family, and I couldn’t wait for this year’s family reunion! 

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