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imageRunning Pour Elles Fall 2015

imageRunning Attitude Fall 2015

imageEsprit Trail Fall 2015

Colorado Runner Winter 2014/2015

Where Colorado 2014

Running Germany March 2014

VO2 Magazine France November 2013

Esprit Trail France November 2013

Runners World Germany Sept 2013

Runners World UK June 2013

Süddeutsche Zeitung August 2012

Sporti di Montagna August 2012

Spiritotrail October 2012

Runners World Spain October 2012

Correre November 2012

Oxigeno September 2012

RaceCenter Northwest September 2012

Elevation Outdoors Summer 2012

Women’s Adventure Summer 2012

FitforLife November 2011

Outdoors NW May/June 2011

Vogue June 2011

Women´s Running (USA) January/February 2011

Endurance (USA) November 2010

Colorado Runner (USA) November-December 2010

Chatanooga Times Free Press (USA) September 2010

Men’s Journal (USA) October 2010

Elevation Outdoors (USA) August 2010

OR Daily (USA) – August 2010

Mountain Sports & Living (USA) Summer 2010

SportsGuide Magazine (South Africa) December 2009

GoMulti (South Africa) November-December 2009

Colorado Runner Nov-Dec 09Colorado Runner (US) November-December 2009

Canadian Running (Canada) November-December 2009

Elevation Outdoors (US) October/November 2009

National Geographic Adventure (US) April May 2009

Competitor Magazine Feb09 Competitor Magazine (US) February 2009

Beiganie (Poland) Fall 2008

Runner's World Jan09 Runner’s World (US) January 2009

TrailRunner Magazine (US) December 2008

Esprit Trail Nov/Dec 2008 Esprit Trail (France) November 2008

Jogging International November 2008 Jogging International (France) October 2008

Colorado Runner November December 2008 Colorado Runner (US) November /December 2008

Vail Mountaineer August 30-31, 2008 Vail Mountaineer (US) August 30-31, 2008

Men’s Health (Germany) August 2008

Trail Runner Magazine (USA) June 2008

Ultra-FIT Magazine (UK) – A first hand account for a team that completed the 2006 GORE-TEX™ Transalpine-Run. Click here to download the article (817 kb PDF)

Aspen Times, February 15, 2007 – Aspen welcomes the finish of the inaugural GORE-TEX™ TransRockies Run. Click here to download the article (58 kb PDF)

Running Times (US) – On the trail at the GORE-TEX™ Transalpine-Run by Adam W. Chase. Click here to download the article (116 kb PDF)

Laufschuh (Germany) – Introducing the TransRockies Run – written in German. Click here to download the article. (491 kb PDF).

Trail Runner Magazine (US) – European Vacation. Coverage from the 2006 GORE-TEX? Transalpine-Run by Elinor Fish. Click here to download article. (887 kb PDF)

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