2008 GORE-TEX™ TransRockies™ Run – Day 1 – iRunFar.com

It’s 10 p.m., I’m sitting on a bench outside a restroom, and I’ve got a 6 a.m. wake up scheduled for tomorrow – Day 2 of the 2008 GORE-TEX™ TransRockies™ Run. Life is good… even better than yesterday(!?), but with the above in mind, I’m going picture heavy and a bit more stream of consciousness this evening. Please pardon any my grammar, spelling, and awful French.

Before I let y’all into my head for a couple hours, I’ve got a few things to share. First, if you want to know who won what and such stuff, check out the official GORE-TEX™ TransRockies™ Run Stage 1 update. (iRunfar will post more re the top dogs once this start to shake out – consider today’s stage merely a warm up.) If you’d like to see more of my pictures from GORE-TEX™ TransRockies™ Run Day 1, check out my Picasa album for Stage 1. For more pics of Wings of Glory, head to Kairn.com’s post regarding today’s stage.

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