Run a day with Dean, Part IV

By Gordon Wright

Stage Four of the Gore-Tex TransRockies Run looks a bit like Stage Two, minus 900 feet of elevation but adding in the bracing immersion of one mile of stream running.

If you don’t know what “stream running” is: run for eleven miles over a pass that soars to 11,400 feet, then find your nearest shallow, rocky river. Then crank out one mile of splashing through ice-cold creek water, while avoiding a broken ankle. That’s stream running.

“This is so fun!” said Kim Bogin, the national running correspondent for, “I’ve never run in a river before!”

Few have, and few took to it as well as Bogin, who is today’s participant in Run a Day With Dean – an experiment in social running, where the world’s best-known ultra runner cruises each segment of the Gore-Tex TransRockies Run with a different partner each day.

A resident of Glenwood Springs, Bogin spent years as an entertainment reporter, serving as a producer for the Starz Network. The 40-odd trips to Los Angeles and movie premieres became problematic once the charismatic Bogin started a family, so her recent return to journalism has married her avocation with her profession.

“It’s been five years since I’ve covered Hollywood,” said Bogin on the night before her sojourn with Karnazes, “And writing about running is a nice way to get back into it while focusing on something I love. And this race is so great. I mean, runners I cover all the time, like Nikki Kimball, are right here in person, which is so great.”

Bogin is not only an ace reporter, she’s no slouch in a race of this caliber either. A Boston qualifier, Bogin may in fact be the surprise of the Run a Day With Dean roundelay. The duo rocketed over the course in two hours, forty minutes, placing them way up in the day’s leaderboard.

“I’m training for the Denver Marathon in October,” Bogin noted as she and Karnazes pounded toward the finish. “I’m scheduled to do 20 today – do you think this counts?”

“14 miles, at this elevation, at this pace?” replied Karnazes, “Yeah, I think you can count it as 20.”

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