GU RUN3 Routes, Stages and Maps

RUN3 Stages:

2018 Stages

Eureka! Stage 1: Buena Vista to Railroad Bridge (15 min. shuttle to camp) – Start Time: 8:30am (On South Main Street)

Salomon Stage 2: Vicksburg to Twin Lakes (30 min. shuttle to Leadville) – Start Time: 8:30am

GU Stage 3: Leadville to Nova Guides at Camp Hale – Start Time: 8:00am (On Harrison Avenue/US 24)


2018 Race Guide with Maps.  Race Guide is subject to change.

Eureka! Stage 1 (RUN6 & RUN3): 20.8 miles, 2,500 feet elevation gain
(33.5 km, 760 m elevation gain)

Salomon Stage 2 (RUN6 & RUN3): 13.3 miles, 3,200 feet elevation gain
(21.4 km, 975 m elevation gain)

GU Stage 3 (RUN6 & RUN3): 24.5 miles, 2,700 feet elevation gain
(39.4 km, 823 m elevation gain)


GPS Data Files:

All of our routing has been recorded by GPS and thoroughly checked before the race, but mother nature sometimes has little surprises that mean last minute course changes. Don’t be surprised if there are small changes to the routing or stats before race day. Please note that all information is subject to change. Elevation gain/loss data collected by GPS can be highly inaccurate and varied depending on how it is measured and the equipment used. Our elevation data should approximate the measurements obtained by a portable GPS unit.

Garmin File (.GPX)