Preparing for the 2012 GORE-TEX TransRockies Run – By Lori Lyons

I was recently asked by a couple of friends, who will be doing the 2012 Gore-Tex TransRockies Run, if I have any tips for them based on my 2011 experience.  So I thought perhaps I should just do a post with the random advice I would have otherwise written in an email.  These are things that I either did (because someone else advised me well) or I didn’t do, and wished I had.

I have broken these suggestions down into two basic categories: Performance and Packing.

If you have additional tips to offer readers (or disagree with my suggestions), please utilize the Comments section!


  1. Downhill Training
  2. Power Hiking
  3. Cumulative Fatigue Training
  4. Altitude Exposure
  5. Massage
  6. Product testing prior to race:  GU, Saltstick, and Erin Baker’s
  7. Preparing Friends and Family
1. Nothing shreds your quads quite like an intense downhill run.  And by shred, I mean requiring long recovery.  We all know that TransRockies has a lot of climbing that we need to prepare for, but we tend to forget the potentially debilitating effects that downhill running can have if we’re not properly trained for it.   We also tend to go fast on these sections, because they inevitably follow a long, uphill slog, and it just feels so darn good.   Make sure in your program you get some regular exposure to the fast, downhill pounding that will be part of your daily life at GTRR.   It would certainly be a shame to have to drop out because the downhill – of all things – is what did you in.
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